Reigncom Introduces The Dicple D30 Multimedia Electronic Dictionary

Korean corporation, Reigncom, has released its new multimedia electronic dictionary lineup, housing 82 different dictionaries in one box. The Dicple D30 features a 4.3-inch LCD screen, SRS WOW HD speakers, T-DMB, FM radio, Micro SD slot, PDF and CSD viewer. There are two main models – The D30C for Chinese learning, and the D30E for educational purposes. Both versions include three storage sizes: 2GB($346), 4GB($367) or 8GB($367$, without DMB tuner), all available in Korea. We can’t be sure they will hit our shores but one thing is certain, those machines resemble to UMPCs, period.


[via Aving]

Nir Ben Yona Shein

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