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Sungjut TangoX Nano UMPC Features a Wireless Phone And a Touchscreen




Sungjut TangoX wants to play in the popular UMPC game, introducing a model to compete with the famous Asus Eee PC. The new nano UMPC comes with a 7-inch touchscreen – 800×480 and an internal wireless Skype/VOIP phone. It is packed with tons of cool features and houses aplenty of room for storage. Although there is no word on pricing or availability, the nano UMPC seems to offer a great alternative to the Eee. Check out the specs:

  • CPU: 1.2GHz VIA CPU C7-M ULV.
  • Display: 7″ WVGA touchscreen (800×480).
  • Memory: 1GB DDR2.
  • Storage Size: 40GB or 80GB.
  • Features: Built-in WiFi, a 4 in 1 Card reader, Ethernet Port, USB 2.0(x2), DVI output, integrated Skype/VOIP phone.
  • Dimensions: 230x171x29.4mm, 970gm.


[via akihabaranews]

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