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Microsoft Zune 2 Is Getting Stripped




Here’s your chance to get an inside look at the Microsoft Zune 2 80GB model. Just to remind you, the player sports a 3.2″ screen, a 4-way touch pad, a built in FM radio and WiFi capabilities. Once removing the outside shell, you discover the control chip along with the Wolfson’s WM8350G DAC chip and the WiFi antenna, running in a WYSBCVSX2 70AN module.


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More pictures and full observation after the break.



zune2-80gb-inside2  zune2-80gb-inside3








 stereo codecs


* DAC 98 dB signal to noise ratio ( ‘A’ weighted @ 48kHz), -84 dB total harmonic distortion

* ADC 95 dB signal to noise ratio ( ‘A’ weighted @ 48kHz), -80 dB total harmonic distortion
* 40mW headphone driver chip, a “cap-free” option

* 16 ? load headphones: total harmonic distortion of -70 dB, an output power of 20 mW
* 2 with low noise and programmable bias voltage differential microphone preamplifier input
* ADC for programmable high-pass filter
* Detection of microphones and headphones
* Analog-input

* Sample rate: 8, 11.025, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1 or 48 kHz

System Control

* I2C SPI, support I2C or SPI control interface
* Power sequence reset signal and fault conditions
* Automatic Power Supplies (batteries, power adapter or USB bus)
* The total current USB bus standards and the USB plug-and-play USB restrictions

Power Supply

* 2DC-DC (0.85V – 3.4V?1A)

* Two DC-DC buck converter (0.85 V – 3.4V, and up to 1 A)
* Two DC-DC buck converter (0.85 V – 3.4V, and up to 500 mA)
* Two DC-DC boost converter (5 V – 20V, 40 to 200 mA)
* Four low-dropout linear regulators (0.9 V – 3.4V, 150mA)

LED driver

* 2 programmable constant current source can be used to screen backlight or white LED camera flash
* Three open drain output can be used for three-color (RGB) LED

Battery charger

* Monomer Lithium Ion / Lithium Polymer Battery Charger
* Charging for the control of thermal protection; for monitoring the temperature of temperature regulation
* Charging LED output and fault conditions

Additional features

* Bring up the warning “not close” real-time clock
* Surveillance timer
* Up to 13 can be set up universal input output (GPIO) pins
* On-chip crystal oscillator and internal resistance-capacitance oscillator
* The low-power phase-locked loop (PLL) supports 19.2 kHz to 32 MHz input clock
* 7x7mm, 129 BGA packaging, solder ball pitch of 0.5 mm

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