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Greenpeace Alerts From Dangerous Chemicals In Game Consoles




I don’t want to put you into panic, but i guess it is important for gamers to be aware of the possibility that game consoles might contain some hazardous chemicals with an impact on their memory and learning capabilities for the long term. The source for this latest alert is Greenpeace, who tested 3 major gaming consoles, including Xbox, PS3 and Nintento Wii. The organization has found those dangerous materials, like phthalates and bromine, in each one of the consoles, on different parts, so next time you crash your car on GTA IV, just think of the consequences. Mind you, Greenpeace offers a direct contact to the manufacturers in order to put some pressure and demand a clean up consoles. Interestingly, only Nintendo’s email has worked out.


[via slashgear]

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