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Sony To Introduce a Wireless Keypad Attachment For Your PS3 Game Controller




How many times have you encountered with difficulties to write on your PS3 game console through the lame virtual keyboard UI and the retard SIXAXIS controller? Well, guess what, hot news are coming from the Leipzig Games Convention, as Sony unveils a wireless keypad attachment, that hooks onto your SIXAXIS/DIALSHOCK3 game pad and lets you use the built-in keypad comfortably, whenever you need it. Mind you, the unit is compatible with other Bluetooth enabled devices, such as mobile phones and other gadgets. Still no word on price but we do know it will go live around November 2008, in 8 different assimilated languages.

Update: you can now pre-order it at Amazon for $49.99. Regretfully, you will have to wait until November for shipping.

[via joystiq]

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