30GB Zune Shows Y2K9 Failures

Originally written on January 1st:

Surprising or not, the 30GB Zune players started suffering from serious fails just as we hit December 31th 2008. If you are one of those unhappy owners, you’ve probably noticed some murky crashes, locking your Microsoft devices, turning them unfunctional. No official word from Microsoft up to this point.  

Update1: seems like the problem comes from the internal clock and calendar. Redmond has issued an official respond:

“We are aware that customers with the Zune 30GB are experiencing issues with their Zune device. We are actively working now to isolate the issue and develop a solution to address it. We will keep customers informed on next steps via the support page on zune.net (zune.net/support). “

Update2: turns out it was a Freescale’s code bug that caused the same problems to other similar players with the same chip.

[via Engadget]


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