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iRiver Launches The T5 & T6 Media Players





Moments before the CES show, iRiver has introduced two new media players, already available for purchase in Korea (although no one actually knows about it), featuring basic specs and updated design to cover your ordinary needs wherever you are. Truth to tell, both the T6 and T5 players have some decent alternatives out there in the market but hey, you’re buying reputation, don’t you?

iRiver T6 might have a misterious resemblance to the e50 PMP, with the same rectangular shape and similar brushed metal style, but the Koreans have also added some LED lighted touch-based controls upfront, in order to make it comfortable to navigate while hanging anywhere in the dark. The 1.8-inch 128 x 160 display looks pretty simple, and without the ability to play high-res videos, you can get your 2GB/4GB player mainly used for audio playback of formats like MP3, WMA, OGG, or WAV. Yes, there is a microphone, together with the traditional FM tuner inside, but nothing else to knock us down in this crowded market. Having said that, a 50$ price tag for a Black/White 2 gigs version can easily place the T6 in one of your modest holidays list.

[via pocketables]

iRiver T5 USB stick player comes in a different concept, but yet again, nothing new in this 40$ DAP, just another 1-inch OLED display device with FM tuner, microphone and either 2GB or 4GB capacities to choose from. There’s a clip at the back, designed for sports activities and navigational joystick control to move in all directions, but aside that you can find a built-in 3.5mm jack and an on/off button, sitting next to the reset knob. The only thing that made it special for us was the colors choice, offering silver flavor or Black and Orange hues that has turned the T5 into a stylish instrumental piece.


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