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iRiver's Spinn Firmware Version 2.0 Brings Album Art, Games, TV Recording And Memo Taking To The Player




iRiver Spinn was suppose to be one of the biggest promises of 2008, with its amazing 3.3-inch AMOLED touchscreen and the revolutionary 360° spinning hinge. But reality proved different, as the Spinn failed to deliver the goods, while the UI turned to be slugish and hard to work with. Now, the Koreans are trying to improve the experience with the latest 2.0 firmware update, which brings some neat features to the player, including a memo taking feature, big album art capabilities, auto image rotating, auto DMB television recording, and also DAB or FM radio recording. Additionaly, you will find a better control over video playback, and new games to download from the iAMOLED website (available only in Korea). To get this firmware and update your device, just log in here and download it.

[via dapreview]

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