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iPhone Officially Gets Skype Application For Free VOIP Calls




At last, after tons of expectations and millions, who’ve been anxiously waiting for this one to come out,  Skype officially releases an iPhone app, to enable worldwide VoIP calls over WiFi (not over EDGE or 3G ) without any extra charge. According to CrunchGear, the desirable application should be available for downloading from Apple’s App Store, somewhere in Tuesday – for free. You will also be able to collaborate with your contact lists, to make calls via Skype and chat with your friends and family, as long as you want. To make it even better, users with Skype accounts will have the ability to make SkypeOut calls, once they travel around hotspots. And last but not least, all your avatars will be automatically imported directly to your iPhone device, so no need to create new ones. Stay tuned !

Update1: In case you haven’t noticed, the iPhone 3G is now available – contract free – in AT&T and Apple stores, priced at $599 for the 8GB version or $699 for 16GB lovers.

Update 2: It is now available in iTunes store, free of charge. You can get it from here.

Update 3: Looks like you’ll be able to dial up via 3G data connection after all, so no need to stay around WiFi spots in order to use skype – COOL !!!

Update4: Apparently, dialing over 3G connection will only work if you have OS 3.0 beta. Having said that, doesn’t mean you won’t have any crashes or audio malfunctions at all. The only way to make it work properly is to have the skype run over WiFi with a non-beta firmware installed.

[via CrunchGear]

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