RAmos Terminator T12 HD PMP Introduced

No, Arnold Schwarzenegger is not involved in this new T12 PMP from RAmos, still, it carries the “Terminator” title, along with a 5-inch 800 x 480 display and a strong Rockchip RK2806 processor, which can easily upscale any Avi/RMVB files to 1280×720 resolution at a full 30fps, or just play H.264 videos, placed inside the 8GB, 16GB or 32GB capacities the player has to offer. Additionally, the 12mm device, that somehow reminds us the Archos 5 media tablet, comes with a small knob wheel (on the right side), so you can handle the menus upside down as fast as a rocket while playing your favorite Depech Mode album on the go – And yes, both  T12 and Depech Mode are expected to go out on live tour (separately) somewhere in May – We do hold a DM ticket but still don’t have any clue about the Terminator’s pricing.

Update: Checkout the video after the break.

[via mp4nation]

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