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iRiver's New E200 PMP Surfaces Up In The Wild




Apparently, Korean corp. iRiver is doing efforts to keep the “E” PMP lineup (which wasn’t the best one ever) live and kicking,  giving it another try, this time with a nice aluminum finish – covering the chassis – instead of this cheap plastic frame you probably noticed with E100 and E150 predecessors. But metal gear wasn’t the only change that iRiver has pushed inside the new E200 PMP. As a matter of fact, the new player also boasts a 2.8-inch OLED display, paired with nice capacitive touch buttons beneath, microSD expansion, an FM tuner and a built-in speaker to share your music around, and while we’re still looking for price and availability details to show up, you might be satisfied knowing there is a wide range of codecs the E200 supports, including RMVB, MPEG-4 SP, WMV9 SP, XVID SP and MP3, WMA, OGG, or FLAC files. Stay tuned for even more to come.


[via Dapreview]


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