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SanDisk Sansa Clip+ Mp3 Player Released, Comes With microSD Slot Expansion Inside




Apparently, SanDisk wasn’t having a lot of success, last time it has launched to the market a slotMusic Sansa machine, almost 12 months ago. Even so, it seems the company wasn’t planning to give up on this category that fast, otherwise, how can you explain Sansa’s Clip+ mp3 player recent launch? A closer look at the unit itself will make you realize it’s literally a similar version of the legendary Sansa Clip, we’re all familiar with for many years, with all the good traits it packs, including a small and attractive body design, easy to use interface menus, mass storage files compatibility (drag n’ drop), FM tuner radio support, 4/6/8GB internal flash capacities, and last but not least – great audio quality. But if that’s not enough, the new Sansa Clip+, is also offering a microSD slot expansion to make your storage even bigger, and three beautiful theme colors  (Black, Red, Blue) to choose from, now, at any local US retailer for $39.99 (2GB), $49.99 (4GB) or $69.99 (8GB).

Update: For some, an inside look into new gadgets’ circuits  is literally a preliminary term before getting the real thing. So there you go folks, SanDisk’s Sansa Clip+ (plus) mp3 player is spread wide open and ready for dissection right after the break (courtesy of anythingbutipod) with all its inner glory, which houses two SanDisk chips that run the entire system, and a long lasting battery that makes it happen. However, ig one gutsy shot isn;t enough, hit the link and get even more.


[via gmp3]

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