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Teclast's T56 PMP Will Pump Your Videos To 1080P Full-HD (Update: Android-based T58 Version Is On The Prep)




Details scarce on specs, Chinese corp Teclast has recently rolled out a new PMP device, which technically sports 5 inches of 800 x 600 screen resolution, on one side, but in practice can output any video file to 1080P, from the other – that, of course, cannot be achieved without the built-in HDMI socket the player boasts. Out of the box, the T56 seems to offer the usual integrated voice recorder, paired with an FM tuner radio support, a USB host, and a card reader slot , all stuffed into a nice solid metal case. Other than that, the company impressively added a  GPS navigating system, to ease your way out wherever you are. Storage capacities haven’t been disclosed , while price and availability are yet to be determined, so stick around to get’em out.

Update: Now it’s said there’s a T58 version on the prep, which presumably includes the Android OS inside, that suppose to run under a dual-core ARM9 RISC processor, with an RK2808 chipset, WiFi, GPS, 1280 x 720 touchscreen, 720p support and common formats compatibility. Still no word on price or availability, but a teasing image is right after the break.


[via iMP3]


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