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MSI MT-V887 PMP Introduced, Got HD Video Support To Brag About




MSI is about to enlarge its growing HD PMPs lineup, proudly releasing the MT-V887, which apparently follows the company’s high-def trend, packing a Rockchip RK2728B chipset that can broadcast H.264 and 720p videos, once get pumped on a tele, via composite/component outputs, already built into the chassis. However, those who prefer watching through the integrated 4.3 inch display, will have to settle with merely 480 x 272 screen resolution, which practically downgrades their view quality to usual standards and make it look less sharp, less crisp than they really are. Besides that, for an undetermined price/availability, this Chinese media player will also offer either 4GB or 8GB capacities at your choice, together with a text reader, a multi-language interface, a built-in mic, and slick robust frame, crammed with silver or black colors. Western arrival is doubtful, our desires are mute. Stay tuned for further updates.


[via imp3]

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