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MSI Dualscreen Netbook Gets Demoed On Video




It’s up to you to decide how to call MSI’s new dual-screen device, whether it’s a netbook, a smartbook, an E-Reader, a tablet, a MID, a courier, you name it, it’s your call – but one thing’s for sure – you want it and so do we! It’s still a prototype and no one can really tell when or where it would get a “Go”. It packs dual 10-inch displays (one on each side), both include capacitive multitouch screens, with pretty fast respond. There’s no official name for this one at the moment, but it runs a Windows 7 Home Premium platform with all the pomp and innards involved, like a virtual keyboard control, an ebook reader, 1.86 GHz Atom Z540 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB SSD storage and finally, two USB ports. You will hear about it a lot more, but until then, hit the break and watch the show. 


[via pocket-lint]

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