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Samsung N150, N210 and N510 Atom N450 Netbooks Announced In Israel




We’ve already had a chance to get a glimpse of Samsung’s new Pine Trail lineup couple months ago, but today it finally gets official in Israel with three netbooks on the stake, as the first one, the N150 which suppose to target the mid-end market, includes an HD compatible 10.1-inch LED display along  Intel’s Atom N450 processor, 6-cell battery that can deliver up to 8.5 hours of working life, AnyPC technology which ensures faster network connection  and myriad of colorful lids coated with a special protective layer that resists scratches and fingerprint smudges. Next model is the N210 which seems to have that same 10.1-inch LED display inside, paired with a battery, claimed to work up to 12 hours(!) in one single charge, 802.11 b/g/n wireless connection, PC To PC app that ease file sharing between laptops, and that special crystal cover on top in order to protect from scratches and finger marks. And last but not least, the most powerful one out of the three, the N510 (we’ve mentioned in two occasions) which boasts that same protective crystal layer, but also packs a wide 11.6-inch LED HD display, power by Nvidia ION graphics accelerator under the hood, tucked with dual 3W SRS 3D speakers, 3 x USB 2.0 ports with one that can charge different gadgets directly, a nice chiclet keyboard, only 1.46 kg weight and battery that would drain out after 7 hours of continuous work. Prices and availability haven;t been disclosed.

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