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Jumper’s 10.1-inch JK01-TT Tablet Is Dancing In The iPad’s Playground




Here’s a question: what looks like an iPad, feels like an iPad, but isn’t an iPad? Jumper’s JK01-TT tablet, obviously. Well, obvious should be put in the right context here, as most of the components in this 10.1 touchscreen device are most likely taken from the overcrowded netbooks world. And therefore, for a whopping $671, you may think you’re buying an ultra portable laptop while in practice it’s actually a tablet, that packs an Intel Atom N450 processor paired with 2GB RAM, Intel’s Atom N450 processor, 250GB SATA HDD, 2mp webcam, 4-in-1 card reader, 3 x USB ports, WiFi, 3G connectivity, an HDMI output and finally, Windows 7 for the OS command – impressive, but still expensive to buy. If that’s your thing, then check out the video after the break.

[via Ownta]

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