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iPad 3G Gets The Usual Teardown Ceremony




Did you really expect the iPad 3G release to go by without a drop of an unconventional dissection? And even though it’s been only one day since Apple’s 3G tablet officially arrived to retail stores, it’s still pretty surprising how quick the good guys at iFixit has managed to get one of their own and tear it down all the way, down to the bone. It’s not that we’re completely in shock, after all we’ve already seen them doing exactly the same thing with the regular iPad, along with the FCC guys, not long ago, but it’s always intriguing to see internal parts widely spread in front of your eyes. Heading to the nitty gritty part, the iPad 3G apparently packs five different antennas inside (including one in Apple logo), paired with Infineon’s baseband processor, you can find in iPhone 3GS devices, and of course, Cupertino’s latest A4 CPU. For more parts and images, just click the link below and dive in, to watch the entire process step-by-step, toe to toe.


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