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Disgo Tablet 6000 Breaks Cover, Runs Android 2.1 On a 7-Inch Touchscreen




Something tells me it’s going to be one hell of an awesome year for Android-powered tablets. Well, I hope so, I really do. The good thing is that there are so many well known options out there, including Apple’s iPad, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, Blackberry’s Playbook and the latest newcomer, Dell’s 7-inch Android Froyo slate – Impressive, Isn’t it? Absolutely YES. But, at the same time, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that there are also some cheaper versions out there which boast that same nice looking frame, and in most cases come fully equipped with the best technology available in market. One of them is the Disgo 6000 that packs a 7-inch WVGA touchscreen display on top and runs an Android 2.1 platform under the lid. It’s super slick and measures only 14.6mm thick. There are two miniUSB ports attached along with WiFi b/g/n, a miniHDMI connection, 256MB of RAM, a microSD slot, a pair of integrated 0.5W speakers and last but not least, 2GB of internal storage, firmly placed on the middle of the board. As far as software goes, there’s no Android Market access. Instead, you’ll get the optional SlideMe version, already preloaded with a wowBook eReader, a Skyfire browser and a built-in YouTube viewer. Prices are listed at £179.99 ($285), while shipping and handling due to the end of this month.


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