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HP Mini 1103 “Business Netbook” Released




We’re not quite sure what the advantage is of launching a “business netbook” instead of a “regular” one, but frankly it really doesn’t matter as long as it gets the latest and greatest hardware around. And when it comes to netbooks, we basically talk about anything that is similar to HP’s recent Mini 1103 lineup, or in other words, a 10.1-inch display, paired with Intel Atom N455 / N475 processors, 1GB of RAM, six-cell battery and a 250GB hard drive. And given that it’s for “business” uses, you’ll also receive HP’s business applications (QuickSync and QuickWeb) along with your choice of Windows 7 Starter, SUSE Linux, or FreeDOS for the OS inside. Did we mention it’s only 299 bucks?

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