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Dell Now Selling Unlocked Streak Devices In the US With Android Froyo On Board




It’s been susptected and rumored, but now it’s offical. As of today, Dell is finally offering through its US online store a number of unlocked Streak devices, preloaded with Android 2.2 OS and different types of hard drive storage forms. There’s a 16GB Carbon Black version, now being offered unlocked for $579.99, or the same device only with 32GB of internal memory that will run you in exchange for $678.99 – and not a single extra dime. We’re still unsure exactly whether the cards themselves are locked to AT&T SIM only, or perhaps come fully compatibile with most other 3G networks. One way or another, it sure feels good having Google’s latest Android Froyo tossed inside, and for this matter, there are many different reasons that will backup this assertion: Whether it’s the pinch-to-zoom attraction, the 3G hotspot creation, a USB tethering usability or Adobe’s Flash playback support. And it’s all happening on a 5 -inch pocketable device, remember?

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