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Vizio 8-Inch Via Tablet Introduced, Only Days Ahead of CES




CES 2011 is only couple of days ahead and that’s probably the best time to attract a few headlines and announce the release of new products. Actually, there are plenty of them, but we’ll save you the fuss this time, and let concentrate on this cool 8-inch Vizio Via Tablet that has recently been announced. This nice and slick Android device, which seems to be Vizio’s first attempt to push a compact, well designed, tablet into world’s most overcrowded market, is claimed to have a “high resolution” display, along with three speakers, WiFi connectivity, a front facing camera and HDMI port. The manufacturing company also plans to include inside the Via Plus internet service, which means you’ll be getting yourself plenty of interesting goodies such as Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, Android market access, and Vizio On Demand movie feature, preloaded on board. Neat! Stay tuned.

Update1: Vizio has officially confirmed the details that recently appeared across the interwebs, regarding its upcoming plans to launch an 8-inch Via tablet. The company, that seems to be trying to bring its Android slab up to par with Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, has just issued a PR update that indicates the presence of  WiFi N connectivity within the slate, along with GPS, MicroSD slot, HDMI output and a pair of webcams, one at the back, and another up front. Additionally, we’re looking at 2GB of embedded storage along with a built-in accelerometer and 1,024 x 768-pixel capacitive touch panel on top. Regretfully, there’s no cellular service included, but on the long run, that surely won’t affect our excitement over this device.

Update2: We’ve just added a quick hands-on video, courtesy of Cnet. Check it out after the break.

[via Wall Street Journal]

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