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Dell Streak 7 Has a Secret Phone Feature




Is Dell hiding secrets from us? Well, one can pretty much assume that if the 5-inch Streak comes with integrated 3G phone capabilities, its bigger sibling, the Streak 7, most definitely has them too – but regretfully it doesn’t. Not exactly. According to the good guys at Streak Smart, Dell’s new 7-inch Android Froyo tablet does seem to have this hidden phone application transplanted under the lid, only that no one has been willing to share it with us, at least until now. True, it doesn’t really work the other direction. In other words, there’s not much to do with it right now, and calls just won’t go through or get connected. Still, it’s really something to hope for, right? Well, can’t wait till it finally happens (and be sure it would). Until then, make sure you hit the jump and watch the video.


[via Streak Smart]

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