Samsung Unveils an 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab Teaser

We’ve already heard a few tales about Samsung’s supposed 7-inch Galaxy Tab successor, that will likely arrive with an 8.9-inch touchpanel display, and the folks over at the South Korean corp have just turned up another interesting teaser. That includes a mysterious and dark image that seemingly confirms that Sammy’s slim and curvy forthcoming Tab will be announced on March 22nd, challenging the Apple  iPad 2 outstanding design and its 8.8mm thickness. Stay tuned! We’re only three weeks away.

Update: The guys over at PocketNow have managed to nab a few more details about the 8.9-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab. The first thing you’d notice is that it looks very thin compared to Samsung’s previous models (only .33-inches thick and weighs 1.03 pounds). Second, the 8.9-inch display boasts a 1280×800-resolution, and likely to run Android Honeycomb platform on board. There was a sign with the caption “Live Panel” on top of it and another that said “Mini App” tray, or so. What could it be? stay tuned for plenty stuff more.

Nir Ben Yona Shein

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