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Lenovo Shows Off a 10.1-inch Windows 8 ThinkPad Tablet




Another day, another Windows 8 tablet demo over at Computex 2012. This time a Lenovo Thinkpad prototype, spotted around the Intel booth, running a full-fledged Win 8 software behind the lid, and said to include a 10.1-inch 1366 x 768 screen, sitting on top of a 9.7mm black sturdy body that packs two cameras (8MP rear, 2MP front), a docking connector, a volume rocker, and a micro-HDMI port. At this point in time, we are looking at one of the very early-stage devices out there, and the final product might look just a little different – And that’s probably why most specs are scarce right now. As far as CPU goes, it’s mainly some sort of an Intel Clover Trail processor, while the battery is rumored to deliver around 10 hours of continuous and reliable performance to each and every charge. And make no mistake, this is a Windows 8 slate and not an Android 4.0 device – It is a bit confusing and does take time to get used to, we know. The overall look seems to be more thought out and reserved, you get a typical Thinkpad design around the slab, with a softy scratches-free plate covering the upper hood. But as we’ve mentioned it’s still early days, so please keep a look out for more details and info.

Video by netbooknews

Photo by CNET

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