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ZTE V81 Tablet Caught in The Wild With 7-inch Display And Android Jelly Bean





Chinese corp, ZTE have been all over the place lately. All in all, the company have shown immense levels of energy and managed to grab a lot of global headlines, mainly in the mobile industry. But if the company’s 5-inch Grand S recent launch wasn’t enough, prepare yourself for a grand tablet invasion. The latest and greatest, which most likely will be announced in  Mobile World Congress, is the new V81 device, that boasts an 8-inch 1,024 X 768 display right over the top, and runs a dual-core,1.4GHz processor under the lid. Moreover, according to ZTE’s own website, the slate which sports an Android Jelly Bean platform for the OS, also includes 1GB RAM, about 4GB of internal storage, a full-size USB hub, GPS, WiFi, and HDMI output. In addition, it comes with a microSD card, expandable up to 32GB, and has two standard cameras (2.0MP +0.3MP pixels), front and back. At only 11mm thick, and with a 3,700 mAh battery, the V81 appears to be a good solid entry level tablet. As long as it offers competitive prices, of course.  



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