5 Battery Myths Debunked

Your Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop all have one thing in common, a battery. Without it, you wouldn’t even be able to use your device. Because of this, taking care of your gadget’s battery should definitely ...

How To Choose Your Next TV

With so many options out there, and technology that changes so fast, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the choices.  In this article, We’ll give you advice for deciding on the best ...

iRiver Spinn Gets Price Cut

We’re not sure either it’s just a holidays gift or recession circumstances, but Korean company, iRiver, has decided to cut the Spinn‘s expropriated prices and make them more affordable for the audiophiles. Thus, you get ...

AMD To Announce a Break Up

AMD is expected to announce a break up tomorrow morning, due to growing demand for independent, leading-edge foundry production capabilities and increasing R&D costs. According to sources, the giant chipmaker will be splitting up into ...

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