Is This The New iPhone 3G?

I can’t be sure those images are real, but they sure look great, presenting the “so called” iphone 2. As you can see, the “new” 3G models come in 3..

iPhone To Land In 10 More Countries

After making a huge impact in the US and plenty of noise in countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and France, the iPhone is about to arrive to 10..

Counter Strike Hits The iPod Touch

Although it may seems hard to play this shooter game with your fingers, tapping on the multi-touch screen, we like the idea and the intention of bringing 3D games to..

Meizu M8: New Interface Pictures

So many rumors are floating around the Meizu M8 cellular-player concerning launching date, interface design, iPhone cloning issues and more. One of the latest rumbling refers to the following pictures,..