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AMD To Announce a Break Up

AMD is expected to announce a break up tomorrow morning, due to growing demand for independent, leading-edge foundry production capabilities and increasing R&D costs. According to sources, the giant chipmaker..

Cowon Unveils The New O2 Touchscreen PMP

Korean company Cowon has just introduced some of its latest products, to be officially released next week, during IFA 2008 at Berlin. Together with the sexy curved S9, we find..

Microsoft Windows 7 Multi-Touch Demonstration

Microsoft has revealed a very nice demonstration, at the All Things Digital conference, showing some snippets of the next windows 7 OS (coming up in 2009) with amazing multi-touch capabilities..

iRiver P10 PMP Goes Live

iRiver was one of the stars, at the CES show, back in January. Now the company officially releases its P10 PMP, coming with a 4-inch 16M colors touchscreen (800 x..

iPhone To Land In 10 More Countries

After making a huge impact in the US and plenty of noise in countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and France, the iPhone is about to arrive to 10..

Apple iMacs Get Boosting Upgrades

Though It’s Monday (and not super Tuesday), new things are coming from Cupertino’s direction, as Apple has updated its online store, coming up with a more powerful iMac lineup, including..

Microsoft Zune Gets Xbox 360 XNA Games

Microsoft inflames the masses, announcing games for Zune players, through XNA Studio 3.0. Although it is just an early announcement and most details are concealed, we know the games will..

Google Has Launched A New Android SDK

Several months after the announcement of the revolutionary Android handset OS, Google releases an updated version of the Android SDK with major improvements and new applications, so you can download..

Sony Ericsson Introduces The XPERIA X1 QWERTY

Sony Ericsson announces the release of the XPERIA X1 quad-band GSM/EDGE and 900/1700/1900/2100MHz UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA, combined with a full QWERTY keyboard for maximum Windows Mobile 6 operating system control. The XPERIA..