10 Disaster Apps That Could Save Your Life


As a society, we are becoming more and more dependent on our smartphones with each passing day. With millions of apps being created and downloaded every year, our app expectations have also increased.

Whether it’s a social media app or messaging app, these apps allow us to contact our friends and family more rapidly than ever before. Although most apps we download are for work or for fun, lifesaving apps are becoming progressively more popular.

With the vast amount of calamities that take place worldwide, from mass shootings to natural disasters, it’s important that fast and effective methods of communication technologies are developed. Luckily, in 2016, app developers are creating specialised apps to meet our needs.

Communication apps have improved both our personal and family safety. These inspired apps help us in the event of an emergency. Some can even track natural disasters before they occur. For example, ‘’Disaster Alert’’ – which was designed by the Pacific Disaster Centre – gives mobile access to multi-hazard monitoring of (and early warning for) active hazards worldwide.

‘’Life360’’ allows you and your chosen contacts to create a private network. In the event of an emergency, one tap of a button will notify your friends/family of your current location and inform them if you are safe. For all the details, let’s check out this infographic from Nature’s Water which outlines 10 of the top disaster apps. Let’s take a look!


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