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Dizzler free downloadable application allows users to search online and play free music, videos, games, and radio stations on their desktop or mobile device. Dizzler even allows people to embed their player in various social networks such as Myspace, Facebook or any weblog, by simply adding a code line.

With Dizzler, all you need is an internet connection to access millions of songs, videos and games, free and legally. The player is fully adaptable, and Dizzler offers tons of skins in its website.

Dizzler Desktop


How does it work? When you make a search, Dizzler only returns publicly available content from the Internet. Dizzler’s technology indexes and then encrypts in-line links to 3rd party websites that publicly host media using the same standards and practices as the major search engines (Google, Yahoo). This encryption prevents Dizzler users from accessing the actual paths to content in order to thwart inappropriate downloading, copying or sharing of files.

The songs and the videos are been played smoothly and most of the links are stable, despite some changes here and there.

Dizzler Playlist

Dizzler songs playlist

Dizzler Videos

Dizzler Videos

Dizzler Online Radio Stations

Dizzler Online Radio Stations.

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