pogo_iphoneApple stunned the world with the new touch trend of the iPhone and the iPod. The touch screen is comfortable to use and accelerating our actions. However, there are two major flaws: the first one is the smudges and grease that decorate the screen, the second, is the difficulty to touch accurately small icons, like in the virtual keyboard.

So far, people who have tried to use stylus pens, realized it is not usable with the new glassy touch screen, well…not anymore, Pogo created a new stylus pen that can simulates the support of a finger and can be recognized by the iPhone’s touch screen. For those who have fat fingers and can’t use the virtual keyboard, or those who hate the ugly marks on their screen, the new Pogo pen might be useful. Price is set to 25$.

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Nir Ben Yona Shein
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