As you all probably know, Asus Eee Pc is one of the coolest gadgets and one of the hottest products in people’s wish list. Being so popular, Asus decided to extend the package, and developed 4 special designated accessories for the Eee. The list includes:

  • Noise-isolating headphones.
  • Compact 1,000dpi resolution mice.
  • International power adapter.
  • Extending batteries of 4 or 6 cells.


Update: according to DailyTech, Asus will reveal a new Eee PC, with larger 8.9″ LCD screen, at the CES show, next week. We also learn, that the new device has an integrated WIMAX technology and it will feature the new Intel Menlow notebook platform, which includes a 45nm Silverthorne processor that provides ten times power saving efficiency, compared to the first Eee PC generation.

In one word – WOW !!!

[via engadget]

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