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Sumvision Introduces The ICE1000 Mini PMP With A Touchscreen




Sumvision unveils the ICE1000, a mini PMP with a 2.8″ touchscreen. It seems everyone wants to have their own touch device and the iPod Touch is the one to set the rally. We’re not so sure this is the right killer but the market votes for the buttons-less players. With a clean design, the Ice1000 might be just the cheaper alternative. Check out the specs:


  • Display: 2.8? TFT LCD (320 × 240).
  • Storage Size: 4GB internal flash memory.
  • Audio: MP3, WMA.
  • Video: MP4, WMV, XviD, AVI.
  • Pictures: JPEG, RSC, TXT.
  • Features: microSD slot, FM radio tuner, a microphone, USB 2.0, external speaker, e-book reader, 7 EQ, multi-language interface.
  • Battery Life: audio-10 hours, video-4 hours.
  • Size: 90 × 55 x 12mm, 62 gm.
  • Price: $88.00.


[via gmp3]

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