Headstrong rumors claiming that Microsoft considers the opening of unique retail stores that will conspicuously market its own products. There is no doubt that Microsoft managers jealously squint at Apple’s success, thinking they can do the same, if not better. The only problem is that Apple has more hardware products to sell rather than Microsoft’s dominant software-based assortment. I mean, it’s not that Microsoft doesn’t have tangible things to offer, after all it does sell some great products like the Xbox 360 console, the Zune player, or complementary goods like video games and the accessories involved, not to mention the other peripherals such as webcam, keyboard or mouse. In addition, Microsoft sell retail software like Windows Vista and Microsoft Office, via affiliate partners and retailers. However, I’m not so sure it is the same variety as Apple’s products, including Mac, iPod and iPhone, with all the assorted accessories. Still, these are just rumors and I haven’t seen some major steps, coming from Microsoft direction, to carry out this project, but I am more than sure it crossed some Redmond minds. True or false, great or wrong, only time would tell.


[via macobserver]

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