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69 Twitter Web Services You Should Know






Twitter is probably one of the most rapid growing tools to communicate and stay connected with your family, friends, co-workers or anyone else you wish to follow. It has changed the way we use the internet and turned the form of blogging into micro-blogging, allowing users to write brief text updates and publish them to the masses. To those of you who make their first steps with tweeter or those who already been using it for a while and look for services to enhance their usage, here’s a list of 69 web-based services you should know.

Update1: Twitter is growing fast, along with the new services which surface up on daily basis. And while starting with only 69 links, our list already crossed the 160 line, and counting.

Update2: Newcomers, please checkout our Twitter tips in here.


Twictionary is a dictionary for Twitter!


Summize is very useful tool to search & discover the topics and attitudes expressed within online realtime twitter conversations.

Update: Twitter has acquired summize and turned it into its own search engine, now available through

Twummize is for all of you lazy twitterers who want to have both Twitter and Summize on the same page.

Twazzup is a fantastic search engine for Twitter – highly recommended.

Tweetzi is a real-time Twitter search engine that will let you follow live tweets about any query.


Tweet Scan is another great real-time search engine for Twitter posts, allowing to search for breaking news, consumer opinions, recent blog posts or discussions within twitter and access search results via Web, RSS, or Email.


Twitter Search is yet another Twitter search engine that you can install into your browser and get an RSS feed out of your search queries.


Backtweets lets you search for links on Twitter.


Twitterment is another search engine for Twitter, powered by Google search.


Topsy is a new kind of search engine, with a new way of looking at the Internet. Topsy sees the Internet as a stream of conversations. Topsy treats people differently from the webpages they create and the things they say. And Topsy sees that people in every community are connected in a web of relationships, where each person influences other people to read, talk and think about things.

TweepSearch was created to allow people on Twitter to search their followers bio and location information. Twitter doesn’t currently have a bio search and as your Twitter network grows, it’s nice to be able to look through your tweeps.


Feedtweeter allows you to link Twitter and Plurk to your other activities. The service (in closed beta) focuses on getting your Plurks to Twitter and the other way around, but it should work with any RSS feed as well.


TwitterFeed lets you feed your blog posts to twitter.

Twiffid lets you see what your twitter friends are blogging about.


Tweetseek is a Twitter widget that grabs the latest results from Twitter based on your keywords.


TwitThis is an easy way for people to send Twitter messages about your blog post or website. When visitors to your website click on the TwitThis button or link, it takes the URL of the webpage and creates a shorter URL using TinyURL. Then visitors can send this shortened URL and a description of the web page to all of their friends on Twitter.


BigTweet lets you post to Twitter or FriendFeed while surfing the web.

DivVoted lets you vote for your favorite sites with Twitter. It’s a great service for showing off your latest designs, or checking out other peoples votes for inspiration.


Twitt(url)y is a service for tracking what URLs people are talking about as they talk about them on twitter. It operates like a Digg aggregator, only within twitter.


TwitLinks is a very nice service, designed for busy people who seek for the latest links from the worlds top tech twitter users.


Intwition tracks what people are linking to and talking about on Twitter. It provides the total number of tweets as well as the total reach of a URL which is the number of users the link had the potential to reach. In addition, it provides a snapshot of all the tweets about each site as a whole.


TwitterBurner lets you track what happens with the link you share on Twitter and what URLs have the most clicks in the last hour.


Tweetpaste is a teeny little app written in ASP.NET, to allow you to embed status updates from Twitter into your blog posts or pages.


Twimbler allows you to share interesting links without the hassle of typical blogging system, just start twimbling and send links to your twimblog.


Tweetmarks easily organizes all the links you share on Twitter and can even add your links to automatically!


TwitterBuzz shows you what the popular links people refer to in twitter are.


Twist lets you see the latest trends and what people are saying about them on Twitter for the last week/month/or all time.

Twitscoop lets you track what’s hot on Twitter right now. You can input a twitter username or keywords in the search box to track a conversation, topic or conference. The results will auto-refresh every 20 seconds.


Twopular Labs lets you see the hottest trends on Twitter.

EpicTweet captures the smartest, the funniest and the most interesting tweets on Twitter, as decided by you.


TwitterLinkr is another twitter links aggregator (still in alpha stage).


LinkBunch lets you put together multiple links into one small link that you can share on Twitter, IMs, SMS, emails and more.


Tweetmeme is a twitter version of Techmeme. The service watches what is going on within twitter, picks the most popular content and presents it in a simple format.


Twemes follows public Twitter tweets (messages) that have embedded tags that start with a # character. These are sometimes called hashtags. Twemes lets you view what people are talking about across the whole Twitter universe and even pulls recent public photos from Flickr and public bookmarks from


Quotably is a great way to follow twitter conversations, sniff around and find out what other users have to say about variety of twitter messages from different users.


Twitter Digest lets you read Twitter updates in a more manageable fashion. The service looks similar to Quotably.

Tweetree puts your Twitter stream in a tree so you can see the posts people are replying to in context. It also pulls in lots of external content like twitpic photos, youtube videos and more, so that you can see them right in your stream without having to click through every link your friends post.


Twit2twit lets you put two Twitter screen names into the boxes below to see their conversation via replies!

Replize lets you track replies. Just type in a twitter user and get a nice flash list of his/her latest replies.


TweetCloud allows you to make a word cloud from a public twitter stream and share it with your friends.


Twitterverse takes all the data that is made available in Twitter’s public timeline and arranges the popular tags in cloud. Once you choose one of the words, you can see related messages from Twitter members.


Hashtags is a real-time tracking service of twitter hashtags, which are like tags on Flickr, only added inline to your post. You create a hashtag simply by prefixing a word with a hash symbol: #hashtag.


Tweetwally lets you display only the tweets you’re interested in from everywhere on Twitter, use it to track hashtags, usernames, and keywords.


Twitter Teams works in the same way of hash tagging messages, only with some extra spice to make it more fun. All you have to do is join the team and hash tag your tweet with the appropriate team hash tag and it will show up in the team chatter thread. If you are the captain of the team and have set up a Twitter account for your team, the service will use it to notify all opted-in members with a summarized direct message. It’s really simple, just put #[teamtag] in your message and it will show up.


Twitterator allows a Twitter user to “follow” a bunch of other Twitter users in one fell swoop.


Crowd status allows you to see what everyone’s current status is in a crowd. In other words, the service displays the latest twitter messages from different group of people.


Twitterholic presents the top 100 twitterholics, based on followers. The service scans the Twitter public timeline for new users to watch and calculates individual statistics for each user few times a day.

Twitter Grader evaluates your twitter profile and ranks you according to different parameters, including number of followers, etc.

Your Twitter Ratio is measured using the TFF Ratio, the Twitter Follower – Friend Ratio, and is an indication of Twitter popularity.


Yotwits will let you broadcast your interests on Twitter.


Twisky lets you see recent tweets from the top twitter users in the “Hall of Fame”.


TopTweet lets you stay up to date on all the top conversationalists from around the web.

TopTwitterFriends will tell you who are your closest friends on Twitter and does your social network looks like.

Tweet Thread is threading the latest 20 tweets from each user in reverse chronological order.


Wefollow is one of the leading Twitter directories around. The platform lets you search and find other Twitter fellows in many different categories.


TwitDir is a twitter directory, allowing to search for twitter fellows, including top 100 followed twitter users, top 100 twitter updaters, top 100 twitter favorites, and top 100 twitter followers.


Twitter100 is a great service to display 100 messages of your followers in one page.


Twittearth is a visual 3D service that provides live tweets from all over the globe.


Tweetmondo lets you find Twitter users close to you geographically.


Twittervision is a real-time geographic visualization of posts to twitter on Google maps platform.

My Tweet Map is another mapping service that will show you tweet messages from your friends on a global map.


Twittermap lets you see the latest public updates in the last 12 hours, on maps or satellite background.


Stweet is a mix of street and twitt, offering a real new way to discover geolocalised twitts from Twitter on a Google Street View panorama.

Twitter SPY

TwitterSpy lets you spy on the latest public timeline tweets across the globe. Just choose a location on Google map and get recent messages from this area.


TwitterWhere makes it easy to update Twitter with your current location.


GeoTwitterous will display your follower’s location on a global map, once you enter your Twitter ID,


TwitterLocal lets you generate an RSS or XML Feed to filter out Tweets around a certain area. Just enter a city, state, postal code, choose the range of miles you want to include, and hit the button. You’ll instantly get URLs to add to your RSS reader.


Twitzu lets you blast out to your Twitter followers all your meetups, get together events or parties. People can RSVP and let you know they are coming.


Twitter Analyzer is probably one of the best analyzing tools for Twitter nowadays. It allows users to form various analyzing tasks and present them in graphs or cakes – Highly Recommended.


Tweetstats lets you graph your Twitter stats.


TwitGraph is a nice twitter analyzing service, presented in 4 different cake graphs.

StreamGraph shows the usage over time for the words most highly associated with the search word you choose to enter. One of these series together with a time period are in a selected state and coloured red. The tweets that contain this word in the given time period are shown below the graph.


Twellow grabs publicly available messages from Twitter, analyzes and categorizes each of the users responsible for messages into the various categories found at By adding these people to specific categories, Twellow helps you narrow your searching into specific niches where you can find who you are looking for.

TweetChannel makes it possible to create channels with twitter. Just log in with your own twitter username and password in the sidebar and start right away. By adding #channelname in front of your tweets, your tweet will be listed in the channel discussion on

Tweetizen is a simple web-based tool designed to help you filter the daily influx of tweets, and easily find the ones that are relevant to you.

Twiteperature will show you your Twitter temperature, according to your twitter stats.


Twitter Stats is a service that produces some stats from your Twitter feed and presents them with the Google Charts API, including Tweets per hour of the day, total Tweets per day/month, top replies and more.

TwitterCounter lets you build a graph of your Twitter followers during a period of time and measure the numbers. You can also compare between two different users and learn about their performances.


Twitter Quotient will get your Twitter stats (# friends, #updates) and calculate your Twitter profile, showing your babble, popularity and usefulness index.


Twitter meter let’s you query an index of all the words that have been sent to twitter’s public timeline since June 2007 and plot the number of times that word was used over time.
The fuzzy search option will search for any word that starts with what you type in the box.


TweetVolume lets you see how often words or phrases appear on twitter.


TweetWheel is a nice visual wheel graph that shows which of your Twitter friends know each other.


FloatTwitter is a service that presents your friends updates in a different visual way.


Twitter-Browser is a nice flash-based service, showing your friends’ recent twitter messages in a rounded wheel.


Twitter Karma is a flash application that fetches your friends and followers from Twitter when you click the “Whack!” button, then displays them for you, letting you quickly paginate through them. By default, the list contains all your friends and followers and is sorted by last update, showing those who most recently updated first. You can sort the list alphabetically either ascending or descending by Twitter ID. You can filter the list in several ways: only friends or only followers, all friends or all followers, and mutual friends.


Refollow is a great tool that helps you discover, manage and protect your Twitter social circle.


Friend Or Follow lets you track down who are you following that’s not following you back and who’s following you that you’re not following back?


Doesfollow will let you know if someone follows you or not and vice versa.


Twitoria is a service that finds your friends that haven’t tweeted in a long time so you can give them the boot!


Twitter Blocks is a nice flash service, presenting recent statuses from users and the people they follow (and the people they follow).


Tweetboards organizes the tweets from your favorite users in one page, divided to different board groups, at your choice, categorized and customized with appropriated title, short description, background color, etc.

Tweepler Is an easy, more enjoyable way of processing your New Twitter Followers. View a list of New Followers and classify them in one of two “Buckets” Follow (meaning you wish to follow them back) and Ignore (meaning you don’t wish to follow them and want to archive them out of the way, reducing clutter).


Twerp-scan lets you list and sort your followers and friends, up to 100 at a time. Follow, unfollow or block contacts right on the spot

Tweetsum does one thing: show you at a glance who’s following you, give you the tools you need to decide whether you should follow them back or not, and let you quickly add or dismiss your new followers.

TweetDeck is an Adobe Air desktop application that is currently in public beta. It aims to evolve the existing functionality of Twitter by taking an abundance of information i.e twitter feeds, and breaking it down into more manageable bite sized pieces.

TwitterSpectrum uses the powerful Summize in order to present the associated words of two pair of words in a nice spectrum display. Just Click on any word to see the related tweets.

Twitterfountain shows mash up tweets and Flickr-images that share the same tags in a spectacular visual.


24oclocks lets you see your tweets messages displayed by the hour of the day.


TwitterFone is free service that lets you update your Twitter feed using your voice from any mobile or cell phone. You call it, speak your tweet, and hang up. A short while later, your tweet will be posted on Twitter.

A Phweet is a shortURL that makes it easy to conduct voice conversations and conference calls between Twitter friends.


Twitsay is a simple service which lets you send 10 seconds of voicemessages to your Twitter account.


TwitterGram helps creating audio tweets and share them.


Wiiizzz is a fun way to discover what Twitter users have been listening to and have been sharing on WiiiZZZ aggregates these tracks and display them randomly allowing you to discover new tracks every day!

Tweetj lets you discover the music people are tweeting about.

MusicTwitters will also let you discover what kind of music musicians or other twitterers are sharing via Twitter.


Twitsig allows you to display your current twitter status as an image in forums, blogs, and other web services.


Twitterposter is a visual web application, based on twitter API, that provides a visual representation of the degree of influence of the Twitter users. The service generates a mosaic with the images of users who have a greater number of followers in Twitter.


Twitter Comic is a cool service, turning your recent twitter messages into images, taken from flickr.


TwitGIF will generate a GIF animation badge from your tweets.


TweetWire is a neo-newspaper that grabs the freshest links posted to Twitter and presents them as an online newsroom blog, divided into subjects.


SnapTweet allows you to send your flickr photos to Twitter by sending a message to SnapTweet.


Twitxr allows you to share a moment, a picture, a thought, instantly with your mobile phone and automatically post it Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or Picasaweb profile.


Twitpic lets you share photos on Twitter through the phone, twitter clients or the site itself. The pictures are presented on google map, based on their location. You can also track real-time images uploaded to Twitpic, using PicFog.


Twitvid simply share videos on Twitter from your computer, your mobile phone, or your webcam.


Twitcam lets you stream LIVE your videos on Twitter. Just connect your webcam and link to Twitter for all your followers to see. While broadcasting, chat with your viewers via Twitter right from your broadcast page. Once you’re done going live, twitcam will archive your video and display it on the same page.


Tweet Cube allows you to share your images, videos, music and more on Twitter with just a couple of clicks. The maximum file size you can upload is currently 10mb and files will be kept for 30 days.


VisualTwitter uses the Twitter API to allow users to not only answer the question “What are you doing?” but also “show us what you are doing?”


Twit+ is a new service that lets you twitter with pictures or video and also privately send files to your twitter friend.


FileTwt brings file sharing to twitter. With FileTwt you can now easily upload and tweet about your files for free.


Twittershare lets you share pictures, music, video and other files with friends using Twitter. You can share just about anything that’s 10MB or less. There’s nothing to sign up for, just your Twitter account.

TwittAd was formed to give Twitter users and advertisers the opportunity to meet for product placement and website promotion on a Twitter user profile.


Commuter Feed is a free service that lets you post reports on traffic and transit delays in your local area using Twitter.


Twiddeo is a service, combining Twitter and video together, so next time you send a message, don;t tell people what are you doing, show them!


Twittercritic aggregates movie reviews from Twitter users and categorizes them as positive or negative lists.


LiveTwitting is a new and easy way to cover conference sessions! Now your blog readers can follow your session coverages in real time, and its easy to format and republish.

EasyTweets is a set of tools that can help online marketers leverage the power of microblogging. You can use it to post to and switch between multiple Twitter accounts in seconds, check replies, and track new followers.


Splitweet lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts and brand monitor for heavy & corporate users.


Cotweet is how business does Twitter. CoTweet allows multiple people to communicate through corporate Twitter accounts and stay in sync while doing so. With CoTweet, you can engage people throughout your company. Share the job of being on duty. Tap the collective wisdom of people across functional areas like marketing, PR and customer service. Assign tasks and track follow-ups. Focus on the conversations that matter. Know when you need to jump in. Track your exchanges through simple case management. Schedule updates to make company announcements. Keep your brand human. Automatically include signatures in your updates to identify who’s talking and keep conversations personal. Highly Recommended !


Tweetalarm is a great service that lets you get alerted when someone tweets about your company, your product or anything that interests you.

Matt makes it easy to post to multiple Twitter accounts without having to log into each one every time.


Twitternotes lets you twit your note, tag it and it will get added to your note list. Inside TwitterNotes you can see and manage all your notes and tags freely, like having your own twitter archive.


SecretTweet lets you post anonymous messages to Twitter.


Tweet from above is another service that lets you send anonymous tweets.


Twiddict makes sure your tweets end up where they belong during Twitter downtime. Just post your twits to the service and when Twitter returns back, they will appear to your followers automatically.


Timer is a Twitter bot that helps you set an alarm for things you need to remember. To do so, just Add timer as your friend, and send a message as follows: d timer 60 check parking meter (will remind you to drop a quarter in 60 minutes). Timer will then tweet you back after the specified number of minutes has passed.

TweetBeep is like Google Alerts for Twitter. Get emailed when someone is twittering about you, your company, your product, or your website!

TweetLater Keeps your Twitter stream ticking over with new tweets even when you’re not in front of your computer. Or, use it as your personal reminder system. You can schedule a maximum of 12 status update tweets for any rolling 60 minute window.

TwitResponse allows you to setup unlimited messages to be delivered to your twitter page whenever you want in the future. Need a message sent 2 hours from now, no problem, setup a TwitResponse.


Twitzer is a Firefox extension which lets you post text longer than 140 characters on Twitter.


Twshot is a nice bookmarklet feature for your browser toolbar that lets you easily send any URL into your Twitter account without the hassle of dealing with long addresses. To do so, simply drag the url to the twshot button in your browser, sign into Twitter and update your status with new links to share with your friends.


Twitter Live Updater is a nice browser script that will update your Twitter pages without the need to refresh them every couple seconds.

TwitterFresh allows twitter users to tweak their browser and setup the minutes until the next refreshing.


Twitterlights allows you to highlight snippets and twitter them to your followers (with the limitation of 140 characters. The URL of the web page will automatically be sent as a TinyURL).


LoudTwitter is the bridge that posts to your blog your daily tweets, and lets you keep up to date a broader audience. Your blog will take care about the archiving of your tweets along with your other post.


Inner Twitter asks what is in front of you? In answering, you reconnect to your original happiness because to answer you must stop during your ordinary activities and turn your attention to immediate reality. A chime message is sent using Twitter (or Jaiku) at selected time intervals. When you receive the chime stop. Listen. Pay attention to your breathing. Pay attention to what is before you. Really look at what is in front of you. Forget yourself and become whatever resonates, like stillness, peace or beauty.

Twtpoll lets you conduct polls via twitter and present the results in a graphical chart.


TwittPoll lets you get the newest polls from, using Twitter. You can vote on a poll for 24 hours, after that you will receive the overall result within your twitter account.


Twitter-Census lets you set your own surveys for the twittersphere. You post a question, you get the replies from your followers and twitter census shows the results.


Politweets lets you check the presidential candidates’ popularity on Twitter.


Twitter-Answers is a Q&A mashup using Twitter and Mosio. It enables you to ask any question using Twitter and have it answered by real people like yourself. If you are familiar with how Twitter works, after signing up with Mosio and Twitter both, you simply follow QNA ( and when you want to ask a question, you send a direct message to QNA. our question will be posted on the Twitter Answers page for people to answer. Example: d qna How much does the earth weigh?


@Answerme allows you to
track the questions you ask on Twitter.


Chirrup is comment system which uses Twitter as a datastore to fetch all of your replies and sort them by URL so you can have a comment feed for each page in your site.


Xpenser lets you record and manage your expenses using Twitter. You can also use Email/PDA, SMS, IM, voice, to do so.


TipiT lets you tip and get tipped via twitter. Just link up your tipit and twitter account on the setting page and start watching your tips getting accumulated.


Tweet-what-you-eat lets you setup your own Twitter food diary in moments, tracks what you eat through your phone, IM or the web, enters calories for the food items you know and helps searching the database for those you don’t.


FoodFeed is a service that helps you share your eating habits with everyone, from anywhere via Twitter.


TweetWords is a word guessing game that uses the last 24 hours of the Twitter public timeline for scoring. The service parses everything that gets posted to the twitter public timeline and breaks each post up by words. Base score is calculated for each word using scrabble-like points per letter.


TwitterMail is an email to Twitter engine, that provides you a TwitterMail email address. If you send an email to that address it will be posted to your Twitter Profile. If followers send you a post on twitter (by using your @username), the engine will send it to your email address as well. If the message is having more than 140 characters, you will notice a a ‘Read More’ link at the end. If is down, it will publish your tweet as soon as is back, and if you want to schedule your messages, you can send them to be published hours later.

Twimailer provides more information right into your inbox, whenever someone follows you on Twitter. Instead of those boring text messages, you get an email full of details about your new follower, including name, image, number of followers, number of following, latest tweets and a direct Follow link.

Topify is another great service that will send you full detailed emails about your new followers on Twitter and will let you follow back by sending a simple reply. With Topify, you get to know right from your inbox who’s following you, his/her bio, location, last updates and more. You can even reply to direct messages directly from your email in a very simple way.


TwitterCal allows you to post events from your Google calendar to your Twitter account.


Twizon provides you some stats on the type of Amazon products that people are twittering about.


bkkeepr lets you track the bookmarks and the books you are reading on Twitter.


Tweetbook lets you generate a pdf e-book of your latest tweets and favorites. You can also share the tweetbook with your friends!


notches lets you write reviews on different categories and share them on Twitter.


Twibler automatically posts your new eBay listings to your Twitter account.


TrackThis lets you track your packages via Twitter. Just send a direct message to @trackthis and the service will update you any time your package location changes. The service supports FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL tracking codes.


Happytwitday is a service that lets you remember your friends birthdays using Twitter. To do so, just follow @Happytwitday to be notified when one of your friends is celebrating a birthday.

Twtcard lets you send a greeting card, a surprise message, or an invitation on Twitter or via email, just type your message inside the window and then copy the link!


Tweetgift is a simple way to show a little appreciation to a friend. All you need is a twitter account. just reply to tweetgift and use the syntax to send gifts to your friends. Every gift starts with @tweetgift, then a friend’s username, and the gift with an optional message.


Twesents is another great service that allows users to send virtual gifts to their twitter friends.

hiimok is a service that enables you to send gifts to your Twitter friends via your public feed. It’s easy to begin and you don’t have to create an account. Simply login with your Twitter Username and Password and with just a couple clicks you can begin sending gifts to all of your friends.

In TwitterTreats you can find lots of wallpapers, icons, backgrounds and other goodies for your Twitter account.


TwitterWho Lets you find your friends on Twitter more efficiently, by making multiple queries calls to Twitter’s people search form.


My Tweeple is a great way to manage all of your Twitter people in one place. You can easily see who are you following or who’s following you, and with a simple click follow, unfollow or block people and these changes instantly update Twitter.


WhoShouldiFollow was designed to help find other interesting Twitter users. The service looks at who your Twitter friends follow to suggest new people. By adjusting the sliders on the results page, you can give greater preference in the ranking to less popular Twitter users, or those who are near you.


LessFriends lets you find out if the people you follow on Twitter follow you back.


TweetEffect lets you Find out which of your Twitter updates made people follow or leave you.


Twubble helps expanding your Twitter bubble by searching your friends graph and picking out people who share your interests and may like to follow you on Twitter.


Twits Like Me lets you find other twitterers who share your interests.

TwitterSnooze lets you snooze away noisy friends or conversations on Twitter. Literally, the service allows you to ignore someone that just flooded your timeline for no good reason.


Twannabe lets you find out who your Twitter hero is following and you are no. The service works for the first 2000 contacts only.

TwitterButtons lets you add a twitter button to your blog. Just enter your Twitter ID, press GO, and then you can copy the code of any button you like, to past it on your Blog, Web Page or anywhere else and let others follow you.

TwitterBacks lets you download free professional backgrounds for your Twitter, to get a better Twitter designed page.

FreeTwitterDesigner lets you personalize your Twitter background like never before. The service will easily help you create free Twitter backgrounds that have the same look and feel as those done by professional graphic designers.

Twitart is a service that lets you get a custom designed, one-of-a-kind Twitter background, custom avatar, or both for a onetime payment.


Twaction is a simple site that turns your tweets on Twitter into actions. You can now poke, slap, drink beer or smile at your friends on Twitter.


Foamee lets you track people who owe you beer or coffee (and vice versa) via Twitter.


qwitter is a social tool designed to help you quit smoking, by tracking how many cigarettes you smoke each day via Twitter.


Roll The Dice is a twitter bot you can use to generate all sorts of random events, including Roll Dice, Flip a coin, Deal cards, Generate a random numbers and more.

Tweet60 will automatically tweet your Xbox Live status to all your twitter followers.


140it makes Your Tweet Less Than 140 Characters.


Twinslator will translate your tweets to any of the languages included.


Post Like A Pirate is a cool service that will convert your tweets into pirates style before they show up on twitter.


Twittertale aggregates and shows all those twitter messages containing bad words.


The Twitter Blacklist presents a list of known Twitter spammers. There are two kinds of commercial Twitter spam: the kind that follows lots of people, and the “stealth” type that set up interlocking networks of fake accounts. You can see these on the list with a “follow factor” of zero. This class of people has been neatly described in terms of the ratio between how many they “follow” compared to how many follow them.

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