Cowon A3 gets a storage boost, as a Dutch retailer, MP3spelers, claims there’s a new A3 version with 80GB capacity. This is not an official statement but it seems very reliable and pricey. It has the same design and capabilities as the previous 30GB / 60GB models, but provides more space to store your movies, songs or pictures. We’re not too sure when this one is heading stateside but if you can’t hold yourself, it will cost you €448 (about $697).

Update: Now it’s official, as Cowon has announced the release of the new upgraded 80GB Q5W and A3 PMPs. The good news are that they are going to be cheaper than the European price tag, yet there’s plenty of room for reduction. The A3 80GB is set to be released in May 26th for $440, as the Q5w is set to be released in late June for $600.

Cowon A3

[via dapreview]

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