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John McCain is a war hero, no doubt, but if you have seen his latest campaign ad, you might have had a deja-vu feeling. The reason for that is the commercial’s background music, originally created for EA’s Medal Of Honor:European Assault by Christopher Lennertz, an Obama supporter, who wasn’t pleased to see his videogame composition, used in McCain’s campaign, without any granted authorization. Still, Lennertz made it very clear that there was just a mix-up over rights, and nothing illegal took place. To read Lennertz official statement on the McCain ad, hit the jump.

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I have been receiving many emails and calls for the past week regarding the use of my music in a national television ad for John McCain’s presidential campaign. The ad is called “Safe” and prominently features a track entitled “Casualties of War” that I wrote for Medal of Honor: European Assault. While I do not control the ownership of this piece, I am extremely disappointed its placement in this commercial. I did not authorize the use and was not made aware of the situation. Regardless of party affiliation of support, I would like to think that someone who believes in the American ideals of business and creativity like Sen. McCain supposedly does, would not want to disgrace or inflict any hardship or ill-will on the artists who create in this country by using their works to promote products and agendas which with they disagree.

As an American, I have the utmost respect and admiration for our troops and all of their sacrifices. In fact, much of the inspiration for my music in this piece came from having a grandfather who served this country honorably as an officer in World War II. I respect John McCain for his service to this country, both in the military and in Washington, but I do not and have never supported his candidacy nor his agenda for this country. I am dismayed that my music has been used to promote his platform and even more disappointed that a candidate who claims to be the best voice for American entrepreneurs and business owners in this troubled economy so flagrantly ignored the most basic values and tenents of copyright and intellectual property…

As an artist, business owner, and patriot, I proudly support Senator Barack Obama for the Presidency of the United States of America…

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