YAMAHA starts shipping the new BODiBEAT PMP, which is considered to be the world’s first music player that selects songs to match the pace of the user’s workout and automatically syncs music selections with the steps of the user’s walk or run, making exercises more fun than ever before. In addition, you get a BODiBEAT Station, software that automatically categorizes each downloaded song by beats per minute (bpm), and a small heart rate monitor that clips onto the user’s ear, allowing BODiBEAT to track the metrics of your workouts, including distance, time, pace and heart rate. To make it more comfortable, YAMAHA added an armband, designed for ease-of-use during active pursuits. The player itself packs only 512MB of internal flash memory and a 12 hours battery life when fully charged. There are four main operating modes, like Free, Fitness, Training and Music.

Free mode: BODiBEAT automatically matches the music to the exercise pace.

Fitness mode: you get Walk Fitness and Jog Fitness, each of which works in conjunction with the heart rate monitor to select the most appropriate music for optimal aerobic exercise at the user’s fitness level.

Training mode: tells users when to speed up and slow down for ideal results, and it does so while playing their favorite music.

Music mode: BODiBEAT functions as a standard portable audio player.

As for prices, the suggested retail price of $299 seems expropriated, considering the poor 512MB internal memory, but somehow, we get the impression it will be around $199 (just a hunch).


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