The new BenQ S6 Mobile Internet Device makes a debut right on time, via Italian carrier TIM, with a 4.8-inch 800 x 480 touchscreen and a powerful 800MHz Atom MID processor, to handle the 3G 7.2Mbps HSDPA. It features a 2GB SSD drive, 512MB of RAM, a microSD card slot, Bluetooth 2.0 and WiFi connectivity, adorned in a small 159 x 89 x 22mm, 330gm package. To get this amazing Linux Midinux-based device, you’ll have to shell out €429 ($626), which means, giving up your next laptop procurement. Still, it looks like a top-notch portable machine with endless capabilities, the kind we’d like to see in our hands.

[Via UMPC Portal]

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