It’s been a while since Archos first introduced the Archos 5,7 Internet Media Tablets to the world, but the one we’ve been all expecting, the Archos 5 3G+model, was just announced by French wireless carrier SFR, and will make its way to the European market with the same stunning 4.8-inch 800 x 600 touchscreen and the strong ARM Cortex processor, but with a black stylish cover and a shrunken 30GB storage drive (compared to the 60GB/120GB/250GB versions in normal). The new subsidized device boasts an integrated 3G HSDPA modem and new customized SFR menu (We prefer the regular one), coming with monthly data subscriptions of €19.90/$25, in case you’re an existing SFR customer or €24 ($30) for newbies, aside the €249 ($320) you have to pay for the unit itself. Still, no word when this piece of technology is going to hit Stateside, but you can take a look at the video (in French) for the meantime.

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[image via journaldugeek]

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A video from ArchosLounge:

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