Samsung has officially launched its latest YP-P3 PMP in Korea, after teasing the world with stingy details during the past weeks. The new player will be available in Asia, starting from January 7th, priced at 239,000 won ($177) for the 4GB, 279,000 won ($207) for 8GB, and 329,000 won ($244) for the 16GB version. It will include a 3-inch, 480 x 272 touchscreen, Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity with A2DP support, an FM tuner, a microphone, a built-in speaker and wide range of formats support. the battery can provide up to 30h of audio or 5h of video, while the storage capacities start at 4GB and climb up to 32GB, which wasn’t priced yet. Checkout the video after the break.

Update1: January 9th – The Samsung P3 PMP is now available worldwide, as the Koreans has officially announced global shipping at CES 2009, which is taking place in Vegas nowadays.

Update2: February 23rd – Samsung releases some new functions for the P3, including the ability to play 800 x 600 video quality, subtitles support, and a nice drawing application in case you’re bored. Checkout the second video after the break.

Update3: According to Pocketables, who already got their hands on it, the new P3 is way more attractive than the previous P2 version, with a very responsive UI, superb touchscreen and comfortable pocket measures. Having said that, the sound quality is good, but not as great as expected, while video can only be displayed on the 3-inch screen, due to lack of TV output. Overall, this latest player from Samsung will give you a good return for your investment.   

[[Via DAPReview]



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