Asus keeps showing us it has a lot of stuff to be proud of, as the company unveils the T91 and the T101H tablet netbooks at the CES 2009 show in Vegas. Both devices come with a swiveling touchscreen, allowing them to be used as tablet computers, as the T91 packs an 8.9-inch display while the T101H has a 10-inch screen. Both feature Z520 Intel atom processors, together with a built-in GPS navigation system and even a TV tuner, which is a little suprising and preliminary withing netbooks. Regretfully, there are no further details, concerning other specs, availability or pricing.

Update1: Checkout the videos after the break.

Update2: Looks like Asus’ Eee PC T91 has been officially confirmed to have a first UK debut somewhere around early June, priced at £450 ($685). Still no word about a US release, but we’re following the announcements very carefully.

Update3: Apparently, these to are expected to launch by the end of August in the UK.

[via engadget]



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