Only a month after releasing its unattractive Archos 10 netbook model, the French corporation is looking forward, announcing a new generation of ultra-portable Mini PCs, which is expected to be released somewhere in April this year. The fresh Archos 10S lineup packs a 20mm chassis together with 3.5G functions, 1GB of RAM and up to 160GB hard drive. In addition to the 10S version, Archos plans to release in 2009 a 9-inch tablet PC with a virtual keyboard plus handwriting recognition feature that will join Intel’s Menlow-based Atom Z5xx processor and the 160GB HDD. Further more, Archos claims that both new portable computers will support high-def video playback, VOD and digital TV, while revolutionary 9″ tablet is said to have even more stronger edition, powered by Intel’s Moorestone MID platform that will presumably make a debut in 2010.

Update1: Archos officially rolls out the 10S  Mini PC and the 9-inch Tablet PC, both to be available somewhere this Fall.  The new 10S netbook will apparently include a 0.866’’ Ultra-thin chassis, packing a 10.2-inch display, an Intel ATOM 1.6 Ghz CPU with 1 GB of RAM, and 80GB hard disk storage.  Price wasn’t given up to this point but we’ve added a new image to the post.

Update2: First video of the Archos 10S is finally up, courtesy of Charbax. Hit the break to take a look.


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