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Asus Will End-Up 8.9" Netbooks Production In 2009




Rumors around the block state that Asus will be axing all 8.9-inch Eee PC netbooks in 2009. According to several reporters, Asustek’s president of Asia-Pacific division, Benson Lin, was quoted saying that the Taiwanese corporation has decided to continue in the path of 10-inches and 7-inches only, which means no more 8.9-inches for the masses. That makes us wonder why those two sizes – from one hand, the 10-inch version is so popular in terms of netbooks that Asus plans to sell 95% of this size at 2009, and from the other hand, the 7-inch version that has literally ignited the ultra-portable trend, is planned to take 5% of their sales, for 3G purposes and telecoms service operators use. In our opinion, Asus will have to comply with market needs and seems that we’re expected to see 12-inch devices in the near future, or even bigger, but it will surely exceed netbooks limits.

[via UMPC Fever]

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