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Asus Eee Box 206 Officially Goes Live With HDMI Connection




Looks like Asus Eee Box 206 finally makes a debut, after been spotted back in December 2008 together with the Eee Box 204 version. The new 206 Eee Box model can easily distinguish itself from previous devices with the HDMI port at the back and the AMD ATI Radeon HD 3450 graphics card inside that give more video power to the users, along with the other components that include a DVI output, 1.6GHz  Intel Atom N270 processor, 1GB of RAM, 160GB HDD, WiFi/Bluetooth connections and a bundled remote control, which lets you handle everything from the sofa. To get this new machine, powered by Windows XP and Eee Cinema media software, you will have to separate yourself from £310 ($438), so make a choice, it’s either Black or White [Another image after the break].

Update: According to the guys at Register Hardware who’ve managed to put their hands on ASUS’ Eee Box B206, it seems this little creature encountered major difficulties while handling high-def content, even when playing 720P videos – which makes it mainly usable for internet surfing, and some other casual tasks like office management or image browsing. And with poor Benchmark scores achieved, looks like your dream of 1080p machine, sitting next to your brand new LCD screen, is about to vanish.

[via Register Hardware]

courtesy of Engadget

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