It’s been a while since Archos first introduced the “Internet Media Tablets” to the world and now, the French corp has finally released the Snap-On TV tuner add-on, which lets you watch live TV from your very own media tablet and record your favorite shows in DVD quality, once connected with the DVR features. The new TV adapter packs 2 antenna receivers in both sides and hooks to the bottom of your PMP device like any other external accessories, available for the Archos 5. Although you won’t be able to watch one channel while recording another, the idea of having a portable TV inside our pockets, should always make us excited, specially when the price stands at �60 ($76) and availability is only couple weeks away.

Update: Checkout the video from Archos Lounge, featuring the Snap-On TV in action (after the break).

[via ArchosLounge]


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