First, we’d like to send our regards and appreciation to Michael Arrington from TechCrunch for turning this $200 Crunchpad Tablet PC project – viable, with a great dedication and a true desire to assist the tech scene by releasing a low price tablet device for internet purposes mainly, but for other uses as well, thanks to the 12-inch touchscreen, built-in speakers, integrated camera / microphone and some other goodies that are still hidden. Although the upcoming machine will probably cost a bit higher than expected (around $299), it sure looks awesome and we do hope to have our hands on it, once this project is finished. Meanwhile, you’ll have to settle with the new images that popped out in the wild.

Update: While still waiting for Crunchpad devices to go live, Seesmic’s general manager, Loic Lemeur, was sniffing around TechCrunch offices, giving the unboxing treatment to a first and nearly finalized prototype of the tablet, which suppose to be available hopefully “this year”. Checkout the video after the break.

Update2: And if the outside look wasn’t enough, we’ve just added another video, courtesy of TechCrunch, featuring a preliminary sneak peek into Crunchpad’s fresh UI. Hit the break to see the full video.

Update3: Singapore newspaper, The Straits Times, says that Arrington’s Crunchpad tablet is expected to be out by November of this year, including a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, together with 1GB of RAM, a USB hub, a built-in WiFi, 3G connectivity and and a SIM slot – priced around $400. Stay tuned for the official announcement.

Update4: Looks like Arringtone’s Crunchpad  won’t make it out eventually, due to major disputes with Fusion Garage (Arrington’s main partner on the project), that wanted to cut TechCrunch out of the project and continue with it on their own. This highly anticipated tablet machine was actually suppose to go out on November 20th of this year, but will probably end up in court with “multiple lawsuits” about to be filed from both sides. Either it’s the definitive end or just a milestone in Arringtone’s pretentious project, time would tell. Meanwhile, you can read the full story right here.

[VIA TechCrunch]



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