Already got yourself a new portable netbook device? Having  some thoughts about installing Windows 7 on it? Maybe you should hear  Redmond’s supportive opinion first, before replacing your already-existing XP version. According to Microsoft,  “small notebook” owners (netbook s) should be able to maximize their Windows 7 usability, once having a 10.2-inch display, together with 1GB of RAM, 250GB hard drive or 64GB SSD configuration inside their netbooks. Additionally, max specs should also include a single-core processor under 2GHz clock with no limitation at the “Touch” and “Graphics” spectrum . Mind you, these are maximum stats , so no one should really bother too much,  as most machines support those requirements out-of-the -box.  Nevertheless, working with Windows 7 for quite some time has brought us into the conclusion it’d be best getting at least 64GB hard drive before begining this new adventure.


[Via ZDNet]

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