Assuming these two following roadmap slides, that recently surfaced up on Eeeuser.com, are real, one should expect seeing a lot of intensive activity from Asus direction, in the coming months, as the Taiwanese corp apparently planning to retake over the jammed US netbooks market, by tossing inside some new and advanced mini-laptop devices, hoping to convince all those tech junkie spendthrifts open their empty wallets wide and buy themselves a piece or two. However, with so many cheap and reasonably “specs balanced” alternatives available around, Asus journey, getting to early adopters’ geeky hearts is probably longer and much harder than it may look on the ground. Nevertheless,  according to these latest treasure troves, found in the wild, In Q3 and Q4 of 2009, we’re going to be seeing a brand new 1005HA-P unit, packing a 250GB HDD, paired with Atom N280 processor and offered with optional Windows 7 OS that will set you back for $399, with shipping arrangements, expected to get started somewhere in October. Another “Seashell” like, upgraded version, is the 1005HA-M Atom N270 unit, that runs a Windows 7  Starter Edition flavor and has 250GB HDD storage – all priced at $349. More on that, is the all new 12-inch 1201N Eee PC netbook which will likely include NVIDIA’s latest Ion platform, sitting next to Intel’s Atom N270 processor, 250GB HDD, 2GB RAM, Bluetooth 2.0 and 802.11n WiFi connectivity, set and ready to transfer your relays for $499, sharp when it’s up for release in mid-October. And last but not least are these two models, the 1008HA netbooks that somehow dropped out from the list, and the T91 multi-touch tablet that runs a copy of Windows 7 OS as well, while storage capacity features 32GB SSD and price tag stands at $549. The other slide is just over the break, so hit the jump and read the facts.


[Via Netbook News]


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